Joinery and cabinet maker’s

Welcome to LUDI AG’s homepage - the joinery and cabinet maker’s in Grund, Gstaad.

We are delighted at your interest in our products. The following pages will give you a first insight into our joinery and our product line.

Declaration of wood origin:

Ludi AG makes a point of using Swiss/European raw materials. Tropical woods are not processed. All our products are exclusively made of wood from the following countries:

  • Maple: Switzerland, France, Italy
  • Swiss stone pine: Switzerland, Austria
  • Beech: Switzerland, France
  • Birch: Switzerland, France, Italy
  • Pear: Switzerland, France, Italy
  • Ash: Switzerland, France
  • Oak: Switzerland, France
  • Spruce: Switzerland, Austria
  • Cherry tree: Switzerland, France
  • Pine: Switzerland, Italy, Austria
  • Larch: Switzerland
  • Linden: Switzerland, France
  • Walnut: Switzerland, France
  • Fir (silver fir): Switzerland, Austria, France
  • Elm: Switzerland, Germany